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In order to analyze more closely the presence or even the use of a film holder in a manual, we tamil songs youtube shall proceed to a comparative analysis. The objective of this study is to to see the evolution of the consideration of the medium studied, that is why we will analyze the tableaudes contents of a manual dating back to 2006 and a manual of 201019. In order to remain consistent, I decided to focus my study on the two following manuals. It seemed interesting to analyze these two manuals to be able to note the improvements thoughts by didactics. Regarding our topic, it is already important to raise within two tables of contents as an tamil songs hits additional task has been added. understanding of audiovisual, distinguished understandings, oral and exercises sound. We can deduce from a desire to introduce audio-visual aids in textbooks.

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The the presence of Art in a general way in the tables of contents is telling. Each of these two textbooks has a unit entirely devoted to the Art. Thus, we also find the the presence of most of its components, including film making its appearance in the manual of 2010. In fact, the film emerges within the table of contents of the manual the most recent by the presence of the understanding of the audiovisual. As explained in the table summary above, many of the materials are worked. the film poster, the film excerpt, the trailer for the documentary, synopsis, criticism,. However, and it is the to clarify, my gaze also focused on the presence or not of activities under the perspective action-namely, activities, accomplishments and/or staged in the form of a final task, in the end of the unit, for example.

It is therefore essential here to make a difference. in spite of the new the presence of the support film in tamil songs hits this manual, we do not find, however, not of activities incorporating the learners through a project approach. In order to complete this analysis, it seems to me a good idea for us to reflect on an activity of the manual The new editorial. method of French. level B2 2010. The purpose of this study is to being able to see, outside the presence of the cinema, its use. manipulation or not this support.

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To do this, we will focus on the analysis of the activity Seraphine, the art and the deprivation 20 present within the Unité3 The arts in perspective. Notice first of all that this page dealing with the work Martin Provost's Séraphine, succeeds in addressing the various arts. It includes the presence of cinema, of literature and of the paint. Through these various activities, the learner can work on all four skills. understandings, both written and oral, and oral and written productions in the bottom of the page. In terms of efficiency of labour of different skills, yes, this page seems relevant. However, what way the cinema is it used here.

Let us focus on the first activity of understanding written on page 50 of this manual. We find the poster of the film Séraphine, an article and a activity of understanding written analyzing the proposed text. Starting from the work film is Seraphine, the learner is faced with an article and an understanding written with questions that are of general understanding, strictly based on the article and questions of vocabularies around the item The film is here used in a way superfluous.